Highlights of the Months (December 2016)

Highlights of the Months (December 2016)

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  • 20101111 School Development Day
20161201 Round Estate Run

As Round Estate Run is our tradition, there are many runners every year. Sportsmanship and perseverance are nurtured in this activity.

20161201 School Anniversary

To celebrate our school anniversary, a mosaic wall opening ceremony and tree planting ceremony take place on the same day. The wall delivers our school motto based on the Bible while the tree symbolizes students’ growth.

20161202 Senior Form Assembly

Traditional shadow plays are introduced in the assembly. The highlight goes to the master’s performing a shadow play with our students.

20161205 Form 1 and 2 Parent-Teacher Forum

Working together with parents, our school holds forums to communicate with them regularly.

20161206 Form 3 NSS Talk on Subject Selection

To guide F3 students to plan for their future, a talk in which how NSS subject choices are related to university entrance requirements is conducted.

20161207 Form 6 Celebration of Adulthood

In the Adulthood Ceremony, students are blessed by the church, Principal, Vice-Principal, parents and teachers. They have also learnt to be caring and humble being God’s servants through the rituals.

20161207 Morning Assembly Hymn Sharing by Worship Team

The worship is devoted to delivering God’s messages through music.

20161209 Form 6 Class Meeting

Students are inspired to join various activities to enrich their lives by the Alumni’s sharing.

20161212 P6 Guidance Day

P.6 Guidance Day is not only regarded as a day to promote our school, but also a day to strengthen the bond of the whole school as all the groups cooperate and work for a common goal.

20161213 Morning Assembly Sharing by Mr. Siu

Our morning assemblies are inspiring as teachers’ valuable experience is shared and students’ achievements are praised.

20161221 Gospel Cafe

Gospel may sound too solemn? This Gospel Café may leave you a totally different impression. Students and teachers chat and share what religion means to them in a leisure way in this cafe.

20161221 English Debate Workshop

To train students’ English and critical thinking, a Debate Workshop is held for F3 students.

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