1. Quality education:

The school actively promotes quality education, and made outstanding achievements in areas of management and organization, curriculum development and student support. From 2001 the school has been invited to be a member school under the Professional Development Scheme, School Support Partners Scheme, and Partnership for Improvement of Learning and Teaching projects to further enhance quality education. In 2002, the school was elected to be one of the twenty outstanding schools and a Resource School to share its experience with schools in Hong Kong. In 2004 and 2009 respectively, EDB conducted a comprehensive External School Review to the school. Assessment was made on 4 areas encompassing 14 items, in which the school obtained excellent or good results.

2. Religious Education:

The school practices Christian education. The spirit of Jesus Christ is fully reflected in the school’s policy, management and campus life. The school actively promotes education on Christianity. Through classes on religious education, morning assembly, weekly assembly, Christian fellowship, Girl’s Brigade, gospel camp, sports events, cell groups, prayer groups and crusade, students come to know Jesus Christ and be committed. The Shatin Methodist Church works closely with the school on holding various activities and camps to nurture students’ spirituality and leadership.

3. Gifted Education and Liberal Studies Education:

The 21th century needs persons with adaptability, intelligence and creativity. The school-based Gifted Education and Liberal Education aim at stretching students’ capacity to construct knowledge and develop students into leaders of the society in future. (Details can be read in the Teaching and Learning column)

4. Language Education:

The school uses English as the medium of instruction, providing a rich English learning environment for students. The Multi-media Language Labartory and English Room provide a well-equipped environment for language learning. Putonghua courses are offered in S1 and S2. Assemblies are conducted in English, Cantonese or Putonghua. All teachers of English Language and Putonghua have met the requirements of the Language Proficiency Assessment.

5. Education on Information Technology:

The school actively promotes education in information technology. With the support of Quality Education Fund, the school has established a Multi-media Learning Centre, Millennium Multi-media Classroom and Digital Music and Creative Art Workshop. Together with the Computer-aided Learning Room and two Computer Rooms, the school creates a good learning environment on information technology for students. In 2015-2016, the school has successfully launched the wifi 900 project. All classes can use elearning with wifi support. A well-equipped Campus TV Production Centre has been set up and our students have outstanding performance on information technology and won awards in many inter-school and international competitions every year.

6. Cater for Learners’ Differences:

Small group teaching is practiced in English, Mathematics and LS subjects. By small group teaching, students learning needs can be catered in a better way. Enhancement and enrichment programs are offered in Chinese, English, or Mathematics subjects to S1 to S6 students. Students are often recommended to various gifted programs organized by tertiary institutions, or the Gifted Education Section under EMB, inter-school competitions in Hong Kong or abroad. Different kinds of leadership training are organized by the Discipline Committee, Guidance Committee, Extra-curricular Activity Committee and Student Union for students. Scholarships are offered to encourage balanced development of students. The school has set up a fund to enable needy students to take part in overseas trips, with a view to enriching their learning experience.

7. Diversified Activities for Whole-person Development:

The school offers a wide range of activities such as Computer & Robot club, Science & Astronomy Club, St. John Ambulance Brigade Cadet Command, Community Youth Club, Animation & Comic Club, Dance Club, Drama Club, Herbs & Gardening Club, Music Society, Model United Nations Society, various sports teams and Campus TV, to enable students to develop a wide range of interests and to broaden their horizons. A self-autonomous Student Union has been set up since 1990. Efforts are also made to strengthen participation in activities outside the local community, with a view to enriching experience and serving the community.

8. Home-school cooperation:

The school supports the direction of close cooperation between parents and school. Each year the Parent Teacher Association organizes lectures, workshops, home-school talks, parent groups, picnic, barbecue and all kinds of interest classes, to enhance communication between parents and school and to promote parent education. In addition, the Parent Resources Centre provides a good environment for home-school cooperation. Parent volunteers are on duty to help launch activities organized by the PTA. From 2001 onwards, the SMC (IMC from 2015 onwards) has been attended by parent representative.

9. Establish Professional Network, Enrich Learning Experience:

The school makes good effort to establish links with voluntary agencies, government departments and tertiary institutes. This enables the school to tap resources and launch activities to broaden the horizons of both students and teachers. The school had also established good connection with education professionals and bodies in Hong Kong and overseas. A number of sharing and study tours have been held, which benefited both teachers and students.