Guidance Committee


1. Employ the concept of ‘empowerment’ in boosting students’ resilience and self-esteem. In practice,

  • • the message of ‘I can’ will be promoted to boost students’ sense of efficacy;
  • • the message of ‘I am’ will be promoted to boost students’ senses of uniqueness and direction;
  • • the message of ‘I have’ will be promoted to boost students’ sense of affiliation and security.

2. Facilitate students’ self-exploration and self-understanding.
3. Build up students’ positive attitudes and values
4. Nurture students’ leadership, sense of responsibility and the heart to serve.


1. Class teacher lessons:

  • o ‘Be dedicated to our life goals’
  • o ‘Be courageous and resilient’
  • o ‘Prioritize our life’

2. Senior Forms Cyclic assembly – ‘A Journey to Ourselves’
3. Annual positive thinking campaign: ‘The value of FUN’
4. ‘Resilience’ – sharing on great men’s inspiring quotes
5. ‘F.1 CEO’ Self-efficacy Programme
6. ‘F.2 Let’s Shine’ Project
7. ‘F.3 Stepping out of the Comfort Zone’ Project
8. Joyful@School Campaign – Respect life and Walk together
9. Interview Days with form teachers

1. Class teacher lessons:

  • F.1 ‘The Unique Me’
  • F.3 ‘Live the True Me’
  • F.4 ‘I Own My Life’
  • F.5 ‘The Real Me’
  • F.6 ‘Here am I’

2. F.5 ‘Looking Back; Looking Forward’

1. F.1 Orientation Day
2. F.2 Class teacher Lessons ‘Together We Fly’
3. Acts of Appreciation:

  • o Parents’ Day Thanksgiving Activity
  • o End-of-the-year ‘Thank You for Being There’

Leadership and Peer Support Programmes
1. Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme
2. ‘Positive Energy’ Ambassadors

Sex education
1. Class Teacher Lessons: Sex education series

Parents’ value education
1. F.1 Parents’ Day and Yearly Parents’ Day
2. Parents’ Talks

Case Follow-up and case conferences

Teachers Responsible

Mrs Kwok Wong Miu Han, Ms Cheung Pui Man, Mr Alexandre A., Ms Chan Ching Wah, Miss Chai Nga Yin, Miss Ng Ying Ying, Mr Siu Ho Sing