Religious Education Committee


  1. To guide students to know more about Christianity, accept salvation and develop positive values.
  2. To nurture students with an open-minded, respectful and committed attitude towards the Christian religion.
  3. To guide and help students to explore life.
  4. To help students establish a harmonious relationship with God, with others and with themselves.

Religious Activities

A.  Whole school activities

  1. Morning assemblies
  2. Religious assemblies
  3. Christian union
  4. One minute prayers
  5. Gospel Week
  6. Easter  and post-exam sharings

B.  Students groups

  1. Student Fellowship ( F.1 – F.6 )
  2. Girls’ Bridgade
  3. Soccer Fellowship
  4. Worship Team
  5. Bible Sharing groups

C. Camps

  1. Junior Form Life Camp
  2. Form 6 Gospel Camp.
  3. Leadership Training Camp
  4. G.B. Camp

Core members of Religious Education Committee

Teachers:  Mrs. S.Y. Yu (Convenor),  Ms. P.W. Yau, Miss. Y.S. Lam,   Ms. S.L. Chan
Parish Workers: Mr. David Hung, Ms. Rebecca Tang, Rev. Wong Chak Tong (Minister of Shatin Methodist Church)
Pastoral Worker: Ms. Elaine Tsang, Mr. Yip Chi Chung

Biblical Verses of the Year  (2015-2018)

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Proverbs 9:10