1. To develop students’ ability in using application software packages to carry out some tasks.
  2. To empower students with the capability of using computer in learning.
  3. To develop students’ problem solving skills.

New Senior Secondary

Information and Communication Technology (Core)

Module C: Multimedia Production and Web Site Development (Elective)

Module D: Software Development (Elective)

Teachers Responsible

Mr. Yu Chien Chun (Convenor), Mr. Wu Ka Cheuk, Mr. Cheung Wah Sang

Student Activities

F. 4 Future Computer Project

Students’ Awards

Events Type Level No. of participants Awards
亞太青年機械人競賽 Competition F.3 2 Hong Kong Representatives
WRO世界奧林匹克機械人競賽(香港區)足球賽 Competition F.6 3 2nd Runner-up
WRO世界奧林匹克機械人競賽 Competition F.6 3 Hong Kong Representatives
Cyberport Youth Coding Jam 1000 Programme F.1-5 42 New world record
WRO世界奧林匹克機械人競賽(香港區)足球賽 (12 Sep., 2015) Competition F.3 3 3rd Runner-up
千人3D打印創作解水困齊破健力士紀錄 (28 Nov., 2015) Campaign F.3-5 17 New Guinness World
Hong Kong FLL Robotics Tournament (23 Jan., 2016) Competition F.3 6 Project Presentation Award
智慧香港 – 全城橘王挑戰賽 (May – July 2016) Competition F.5 3 Top 10