Dear students,

In the next couple of minutes, you are going to hear one of the most useful but, probably most terrible word in your life.  The word is….“Responsibility”.

You and I are taking responsibilities big and small everyday.  As a teacher, it is my responsibilities to arrive at school on time and teach my students with heart.  Even for every word I am saying now, I am taking responsibility because it is me who wrote them and spoke them.  As a student, you need to wear tidy uniform, attend classes, listen to me, do your homework and so on.

You may question, why is it so important to take responsibility?  Is it because our teachers and parents tell us so?  Or is it because we are afraid of punishments?  Let me tell you, if these are reasons at all, they are all the wrong reasons to take responsibility.  Taking responsibility is important only because of one thing – yourselves.

People who take complete responsibility for their lives will experience joy and control of circumstances.  We are able to make choices and understand we are responsible for our choices.  Each event is the result of the choices we made and are making. Even when things go wrong, we can decide how to react to the event.  We can treat it as a disaster or we can use it as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

To take responsibility means not blaming.  Listen to the little voice in your head.  Observe yourself talking with family, friends and teachers.  In your conversation, do you hear yourself blame others for bad things?  Do you find yourself pointing fingers at others when things go wrong?  Are you making excuses for goals unmet or tasks that missed their deadlines?

If these unconstructive voices are playing repeatedly in your mind, stop them now. They will only make you an irresponsible person who is unable to take control.

Dear students, I hope my three-minute sharing will inspire you to plan your life now and take responsibility for each step you make.  A good future is in your own hands, not others.  This is what the word “Responsibility” means.  It is not terrible at all.