Dear Students,

At the beginning of 2011, May I wish you a Happy New Year!  The topic of my sharing today is “Happiness”.

Over the years, we have been counting down and greeting people with “Happy New Year” on the first day of a year.  But when we say these words, have we ever thought about the true meaning of happiness?  Some think that to be happy is to be wealthy.  They have lots of money and they can buy lots of things — a big house, a trendy car, a speed boat.  Others think that to be happy is to be lazy – no need to study and work and can play all day long.  All these, I can tell you, are not real happiness.  They cannot last long. 

To me, to be happy means the following 3 things:

First – to be happy is to be healthy.  If we are healthy, we are able to do the things we like – to work, to play, to dance, to run, to eat.  Can you imagine the days when you are sick and have to stay in bed all the time?  It must be very miserable.  If you are not healthy, all you can take is medicine or a doctor’s advice.  So, be happy and grateful when you are healthy.

Second – to be happy is to give.  Give care to your families and friends, give warmth to the one you care about and give help when they are in need.  To give is a form of happiness because it reflects your ability to do so. 

Third – to be happy is to share.  Share your laughter and tears, share a birthday cake or a simple meal, and share your views and feelings.  If you have someone to share with, that means you have friends around you.  That means you are not alone.  Good friendship is the source of happiness.

For sure, different people will have different definitions of happiness.  And I am not saying that you have to agree with what I have said just now.  But as a new year has started, I would like you to think about what happiness really means to you.  Is it all about enjoyments?  Or is it something more valuable?  Should it be just about yourselves?  Or should it be extended to others?  This is the question that I will leave to you.  As a closing note, I hope all of you can be happy students in STMC.  If you are happy, I am happy.