To Evaluate and Plan Ahead

To Evaluate and Plan Ahead

Good afternoon dear schoolmates.

I am Mr Tai, the vice principal.  Last Thursday, I shared with you that when a new year comes, I mean the Chinese New Year, it would be good if we can evaluate what we have done the last year and based on the reflection to plan ahead, so as to lead a purposeful and meaningful life.  Could you think of any important thing you did last year?  If you were allowed to do it again, would you do it in a different way?  How about your academic pursuit?  This morning, the English ambassadors suggested us not to overstate our good achievement, nor to give up even if we have got bad results.  We should reflect on our history and improve our life for our future.  How about your friendships – did you make friends well in your class?  How about your family life – did you get along well with your parents? If you think you would and you could do things better this year, please promise yourself to do that.  Then do that wholeheartedly.

For the school, this year is the last year of the 3-year school development cycle.  In fact, we have set 5 objectives for the whole school to pursue; they are –

  1. Foster a positive & stimulating English environment at school
  2. Establish constructive learning habits
  3. Cater for students’ individual differences
  4. Broaden students’ perspectives towards their life and career goal, and
  5. Provide proper resources such as time and space to facilitate students’ pursuit of knowledge

How do you rate the effectiveness of the implementation of these objectives?  Let us evaluate what the school has achieved, so that we could plan ahead, based on the reflections.  Please login the intranet and read the e-notice; you will be directed through a web link to reply a simple questionnaire.  Just by clicking a few buttons, your comments can reach the school and this is a way you can contribute for the betterment of the development of your school.  Thank you.