Say the right thing at the right time!

Say the right thing at the right time!

Dear students,

The topic of my sharing today is “Say the right thing at the right time”.  There is a Chinese proverb that goes “Out of the mouth comes trouble.”  It is indeed a piece of good advice to our daily life, because if you say a wrong thing at a wrong time, the result can be damaging.  You may hurt people’s feelings, cause confrontations or worse still, destroy friendship. 

That’s why getting to know the art of speaking is very important.  To start with, we need to “Think twice before we speak.”  Think of the appropriate words and the feelings of the hearer.  For example, your classmate did not understand a mathematic formula even though you have explained to him again and again.  If you say to him, “Why are you so stupid! I have taught you many times already.”, you will only discourage him without doing yourself anything good. 

In fact, you can manage negative things in a positive way.  How about saying to him, “As your friend, I don’t mind explaining to you once again.  But I really think you are an able person.  If you can pay just a little bit more attention in class, you will do well.”  By selecting the right expressions, you not only get your message across but also preserve friendship.  In other words, you put yourself into a win-win situation.

When you are in a group, don’t rush to speak up.  Be an active listener.  Remember the main points made by others and respond only you are ready with the content and the words.  This buy-time strategy will maximize your chance of saying the right thing because you have time to think and organize your thoughts.

Finally, when you speak, speak at a reasonable speed.  If you speak too fast, people may miss your points.  If you speak like a crawling turtle, people may fall asleep.  And when you really have nothing to say or not sure if you should say something, say less.  It is better not to say anything than saying something wrong. 

Dear students, I think in this sharing, I have said the right thing at the right time.  Try to practise more the art of speaking.  You will benefit from it.  Thank you.