Beginning of School Year

Beginning of School Year

Principal’s speech

Good morning, Rev Yu, fellow teachers and students,

I hope you have all enjoyed a happy and fruitful summer holiday. I’m happy to see all of you again, refreshed and getting ready to start the new school year.

To start with, I would like to let you know of our DSE results of the past academic year.  In 2013, 84% of our DSE students have met minimum university requirements.  One student scored 35 points in 5 best subjects, the highest attainable scores. One student scored 34. Four scored 32 and two scored 31.   Some got into very good programs. Two students entered medical school and one entered law school.  Another three took on actuarial science. This is all the hard work of your seniors and the teachers in the past few years. Congratulations to our graduates!

Every year after the release of public exam results, the media likes to cover stories of how students in difficult life situations have struggled for their studies.  This year, the story of Tsang Tsz-Kwan impresses me a lot.  She has been blind from infancy and hearing-impaired since Primary 1.  Besides, her fingers lack the sensitivity to read Braille and she has to do it with her lips.  Yet, nothing can stop her from pursuing her education. She worked really, really hard and achieved excellent DSE results.

What impresses me the most is not her DSE result, but her perseverance.  To me, perseverance is an essential element of success.  If you want to achieve something, it’s important that you set your goals, derive an action plan.  However, you need to have the perseverance to carry you through.  If you give up midway, you will never make it, no matter what great goals you set or what plans you make.  Imprint this word in your mind from now on and pursue your dreams with it.

Another issue that I’m concerned with is the incident of Miss Lam Wai Sze, who addressed police officers with foul language.  Her behavior was videotaped and put on YouTube, causing some discussion and somehow embarrassing the school she is serving.  It is true that the general public has high expectation of the morals of workers in certain occupations, e.g. doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.  This is very reasonable.  As teachers, we need to set a good example for our students and young people.  Thus, we need to be extra careful about our words and deeds, especially in public.

Anger is a very damaging emotion.  It makes us lose our minds and do things that we would not have done otherwise.  By the time we gain our sense back, it’s often too late. We cannot rid ourselves of the feeling of anger, because we are human beings, nor can we avoid conflicts in life, to be honest.  Then, what can we do?  The bible has taught us “to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”  This is from Verse 19-20, Chapter 1 of the Book of James.  Let’s always remember this bible teaching and refrain from doing wrong in the midst of anger.

Another thing we need to learn from this incident is that a good cause cannot justify wrong action.  No matter what good reason you have, using the wrong means will not make you right.    Miss Lam claimed that she had a good reason to fight for.  Whether it justifies such actions, you need to think and judge.

The last thing I want to talk about is our 30th Anniversary.  We should be thankful to God for all the blessings He has given STMC in the past 3 decades.  We have devoted teachers and good students.  We enjoy good reputation and staunch support from parents and the public.  We are grateful for all that God has granted us and we shall move on to carry out our duty.  To celebrate the 30th Anniversary, there are a series of activities in the pipeline.  Your participation is of utmost importance in making this special year a memorable one.  I hope to see each of you taking part in something.

All in all, I wish everybody a wonderful start of the school year and hope that you can be very perseverant and achieve the goals you set for yourselves.

Thank you!