Principal School Opening Speech 2014

Principal School Opening Speech 2014

Good morning, Rev Wong, fellow teachers and students,

I hope everyone had a fruitful summer and had the chance to unwind.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the F.1s. We are really excited to have you join our big family. And to all of the returning students, welcome back. Are you ready to start the new school year? I have confidence that you are well prepared to start afresh and face the challenges ahead.

Many of you might have noticed that our campus had gone through a renovation during the summer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the renovation, especially the team of janitors who helped to tidy up after the work had been completed. Without their dedication and hard work, this would not be made possible. I hope you will love our school campus and maintain it well.

The school has acquired a new annex at the ‘Ex – Buddhist Bright Pearl Primary School’ nearby, which is to be shared with our neighbor “Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School”. We are planning to make use of the new space for extra-curricular activities, and for launching a study room for our senior students. We would like to thank Shatin Methodist Church for their support of the study room operation. Details will be announced later.

We have named this annex “Ample Campus (豐盛校園)”, with a view to nourish your school life. This exciting initiative is still at its infancy and we are open to innovative ideas. Your suggestions are welcome. While space is such a precious commodity in HK, God has blessed and provided us with this extended campus. It is important for all of us to be great stewards of this God-blessed property.

Summer in HK is a very happy time for most of us. We can take a rest and many go on holidays too. However, the past summer was not a happy time for many people. If you have followed the news, you will know that many people have suffered a lot in the past few months. Do you remember the shot down of MH17, the tension between Russia and Ukraine, the bombings in Israel and Gaza, the Ebola challenge in West Africa, the rise of the ISIS and the horrible decapitation of the American journalist, the earthquakes in Sichuan and California, a long, long list.

The world around us is in a mess. Here in HK, there are disputes about our political development. There are complaints about the high property price. However, our lives are not endangered. We are very much blessed in a way that we don’t need to worry about bombings in the next second. We won’t be killed because of our religion or beliefs. We haven’t been struck by any serious natural disasters.

With all the blessings we have, treasure the opportunities that God has granted us and make the best out of them. There are children out there in rural China, Iraq, Gaza, Cambodia, etc., who are denied the opportunity to receive an education. Every day, they are faced with war, killings, poverty, illnesses and starvation. Here in HK, we all take education for granted.

We complain about our study; we complain about homework; we complain about tests and exams; we like to complain. Next time, when you complain or if you want to give up, I urge you to think about those children, who, at your age, are taught to hold a gun to kill before they could even read; think about the girls who have to risk their lives for receiving an education.

Therefore, treasure the opportunity to study. Study hard, not just for a good salary, or a better life, or a nice house, or a car. No, not for these. Study hard, be an educated person. With knowledge, with a kind heart, do something for the world. Do something for the less fortunate people who’ve never had the same chance as you have.

Believe, love, and serve. Make your study and your life meaningful. This is all I want to share with you this morning.

Thank you!