Principal’s Opening Ceremony Speech

Principal’s Opening Ceremony Speech

Good morning, Rev Wong, fellow teachers and students,

I hope you have all had a fruitful summer and time to relax.

First of all, I would like to welcome our F.1 students to the STMC big family.  This is where you will stay for the coming 6 years.  Most probably, this is where you will meet the best friends of your life.  Please accept our best wishes.  And to all the returning students, welcome back.  And of course, to our teachers, welcome back too.  Our teachers have actually been coming back to school in the past two weeks to prepare for the new school year.  Thank you for your hard work.  I believe that with everybody’s contribution, we will have a very successful year ahead.

When you come to school this morning, you should have noticed a big banner hanging at the playground. Do you remember what the message is?  The same is also shown on the notice board at the front staircase.  Can you recall what the message is about?  The message on the banner is: Learn Wisely; Live Amply.  This is the theme of our school development plan for the coming triennium, i.e. 3 years.  So, I hope you can learn it by heart from today onwards: Learn Wisely; Live Amply.

What is meant by learning wisely?  What is learning to you?  If you finish your homework on time, prepare well for your tests and exams, aim for good academic results, have you learnt, or have you learnt wisely?  If you can do all these, good for you, you are a very good student.  But, you need to go beyond this, to do a little bit more to become a wise learner.  What is a wise learner?  A wise learner should be knowledgeable, curious and passionate about learning.  A wise learner should be able to solve problems, think critically and respect others’ opinions.

How to become one then?  My suggestion is, start asking questions.  Young children ask a lot of questions.  They are interested in many things around them.  They want to know, so they ask, and this is how they learn.  Unfortunately, the older we get, the less questions we ask, and the less we learn.  To become a wise learner, the first thing to do is to re-build the habit of asking questions.  Start asking questions again, like what you did when you were small.  Always ask “WHY”, Why is it like this, Why doesn’t it happen like this, Why are they the same, Why are they different, “WHY”.  Ask “HOW”.  How is it related to me, How does it work, How is it made, etc, etc.  Ask “WHAT”.  Ask “WHERE”.  Ask “WHICH”.  Ask anything that you don’t understand.  When you get into the habit of asking questions, you will ignite your inquisitive mind.  The more inquisitive you are, the more passionate you will be about learning, and the more you learn.  The more you learn, the more knowledgeable you become.  The more you know, the more receptive you will be about new knowledge and other people’s opinion.  When all these happen, you lay the foundation for critical thinking, and you learn better.  The cycle goes on.  If you are not yet a wise learner today, don’t worry.  Set it as one of your life-long goal and walk closer to it each day.  Remember to start asking questions.

The next is “Live Amply”.  We’re living of course, or else, we won’t be standing, sitting here together this morning.  But, are we living amply?  What is meant by living amply?  As a Christian school, we believe that the key to an ample life is to know God.  It is only by knowing God and following His teachings that our lives are meaningful.  If we know God, we will be thankful, and if we are thankful, we will be joyful.  Is it easy to do?  Yes, it is.  Every night in your prayer to God, thank Him for at least 3 things, and rejoice in them.  For example, tonight, you can thank the Lord for giving you the chance of going to school.  Living amply also means making good use of our potentials and talents that God has granted us.  Shine in the way that He meant us to be.  Do what we can to help and serve others.  God teaches us to love our neighbours.  When we follow the teaching and make an impact on the lives of others, our lives become meaningful.  Are you living an ample life now?  Set it as another life-long goal of yours and get closer to it each day.

To sum up, the message I want to get across this morning is asking you to: Learn Wisely and Live Amply.  I hope you will remember this for the rest of the year, and for the rest of your life.

Now, let me change the subject a bit.  I would like to let you know of the DSE results of the past year, i.e. 2015.  82% of our students attained the basic requirement for university admission, and in 13 subjects, more than 50% of the students attained Level 4 and above.  Students performed very well in the 4 core subjects.  The best student this year made Level 5** in six subjects and Level 5 in 2 subjects.  He was admitted to the medical school of Chinese University.  The admission rate to university is the highest this year compared with the last three.  Thanks to the hard work of the graduates, and also the teachers.

Before we go, let me introduce our new colleagues to you.

They are:

Miss. Siu Jane (蕭穎老師), teaching Chemistry and LS

Mr. Chung Wai Leung (鍾偉亮老師), teaching Maths and Music

Miss. Yeung Hoi Yee (楊凯宜老師), teaching LS and IS

Mr. Ma Yuk Tong (馬玉堂老師), teaching English

Miss. Wong Lai Kwan (王麗君老師), teaching Chinese

Miss. Leung Kar Man (梁嘉敏老師), teaching English; and

Miss. Kwok Siu Kak (郭少格小姐), our Social Worker, who will be working together with our Social Worker, Mr Michael Leung.

Last but not least, I wish to take this opportunity to announce that Mrs Kwok will be our Assistant Principal starting this school year.  Mrs Kwok will coordinate all matters related to student development.  Thanks to Mrs Kwok, for taking up this duty.

Let me welcome everybody again, staff and students, new and old.  Let’s work closely together for another fruitful year and offer this to God, who is watching from above.  Dear Lord, teach us how to please you.

Thank you!