Highlights of the Months (December 2015)

Highlights of the Months (December 2015)

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20151201 Adulthood Ceremony

In the Adulthood Ceremony, students are blessed by the church, Principal, Vice-Principal, parents and teachers. They have also learnt to be caring and humble being God’s servants through the rituals.

20151204 Enhanced Smart Teen Project

In the briefing, Enhanced Smart Teen Project is introduced. Students are encouraged to join it as they can learn self-discipline and team work in it.

20151204 F1 and F2 Parent-Teacher Forum

A forum is held as a communication platform for parents to voice their concern and have their queries answered.

20151209 Carmel Alison Lam Primary School

Welcome to Carmel Alison Lam Primary School. We hope they can gain a better understanding of STMC through their visit and choose a suitable secondary school.

20151209 Programme Talk by Hang Seng Management College

Different paths of further studies are introduced to senior students. This time, we are glad to have invited Hang Seng Management College to talk about their programmes.

20151212 P.6 Guidance Day

P.6 Guidance Day is not only regarded as a day to promote our school, but also a day to strengthen the bond of the whole school as all the groups cooperate and work for a common goal.

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