Highlights of the Months (March 2016)

Highlights of the Months (March 2016)

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  • 20101210MOSPS
20160301 Drama Festival

Our Drama Club is preparing for the Drama Festival. With their enthusiasm and creativity, we wish them every success!

20160302 STMC Forum

To raise students’ awareness of social issues, a forum on Youth’s Prospect is held. We are honoured to have invited LAU Ming-wai, the Chairman of Commission on Youth to share and exchange his views with us.

20160307 F3 Parent Talk on Life Planning with Your Children

A right subject combination in NNS can surely pave way for one’s further studies and career. To assist students to choose suitable subjects and plan better for their future, parents should play an active role. That’s why this talk is arranged for parents to get more information.

20160308 Careers Week Programme

In the Careers Week, different institutions are invited to our schools to give students more information on various fields in tertiary education.

20160312 Visit to Macau STEM

To get inspiration for cross-curricular teaching and learning, our teachers join the opening ceremony of STEM (a laboratory involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

20160320 PTA Outing

To build the bridge between parents and our school, PTA regularly holds activities. This leisure outing can surely enhance our communication.

20160322 Job Place Visits

To expose students to the career world, visits to various job places and training centres including Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Theme Park, Fish n Chips Café and VTC Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre are arranged. Through the visits, students can learn more about the authentic working and training environments of different industries.

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