Highlights of the Months (July August 2016)

Highlights of the Months (July August 2016)

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  • P6 Guidance day 2010
20160711 Model United Nations Conference

With a group of enthusiastic students, the Model United Nations Conference has been successfully held providing a platform for students from different schools to discuss global issues.

20160712 Friendship Among Teachers

In the staff meeting, we express our gratitude to those teachers who have served STMC for long and our blessing to those leaving STMC. After that, we enjoy a lunch together celebrating our hard work over this academic year!

20160713 HKDSE Release Day

No matter what results our F6 students have got in DSE, the Principal, Vice-Principal and teachers are here to support them.

20160817 F.1 Orientation Day

Welcome to our freshmen! On the Orientation Day, they are excited to meet their new classmates, big brothers and sisters, teachers and the Principal. They get to know each other better through different fun activities.

20160819 Campus TV Visited by a Taiwanese School

Our Campus TV is glad to share their experience with a Taiwanese School.

20160827 PTA Activities

Not only are students and teachers preparing for a new school year, but our parents are also getting ready for it. They listen to the social worker’s talk and share with each other for their children’s best development.

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