Highlights of the Months (October 2016)

Highlights of the Months (October 2016)

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  • 20101104 Inauguration of OLE Ambassadors
20161014 Liberal Studies Open Classroom

To contribute to Liberal Studies professional development, our LS teacher Mr. Hui is pleased to open his classroom to teachers from other schools.

20161027 F1 Benediction Ceremony

Entering a new stage, freshmen are blessed with their new roles in the Benediction Ceremony by the church, Principal, teachers and parents.

20161013-14 Chinese Culture Week

Chinese culture is not just a topic to discuss, but can be introduced in a lively way! It is promoted through the game stalls designed by students.

20161008 BBQ held by Parent-Teacher Association

Students, teachers and parents are having a casual BBQ night to communicate with each other. They’re enjoying a lovely time together!

20161006 Talk and Workshop on University Interview Skills

Students are equipped with university interview skills through a talk on theories and a workshop with small group practice organized by our school and Ho Yau Club.

20161003 Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA) Debriefing

After students take the COA tests, a debriefing session is held for them to analyze and understand the results so that they can make better decisions about their future education and career choices.

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