Highlights of the Months (September 2016)

Highlights of the Months (September 2016)

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  • P6 Guidance day 2010 Talk
20160901 Beginning of School Year Service

In the beginning of a school year, let’s thank for a restful summer and pray for a fruitful year ahead.

20160906 Class Photo-taking

A highlight of the school affairs day is the photo-taking part of each class. We wish that unity, harmony and support can be formed in each class this year.

20160908 Consultation of Student Union

This year, two cabinets Atlas and Sirius are competing for the Student Union. In the consultation with schoolmates, they share their missions and clarify schoolmates’ doubts.

20160913 Talk on Cambridge Occupational Analysts (CAO)

This COA talk is designed to help F4-6 students to make better decisions about their future education and career choices by providing assessments on their interests, abilities, motivations, attitudes and values.

20160915, 20, 21, 27 Annual General Meetings

In the beginning of the school year, annual general meetings of different clubs and groups are held. Committees are formed and members are looking forward to exciting programmes ahead!

20160919 Drama on Financial Management for F2

‘How to manage finance wisely’ is a crucial lesson to learn not only for adults, but also for teenagers. This message is delivered through a lively drama for F2 students.

20160926 Education Day

On the Education Day, Ms. Wong and Mr. Hui, who have served our school for years, are awarded and appreciated. The cheers for them have shown how much they have contributed to school.

20160928 STMC Forum on Sharing

Thanks to Benson Tsang’s talk on sharing for equality, students are inspired to show more concern to the needy in society.

20160929 F6 JUPAS Briefing

Thanks to our alumni sharing, F6 students can find out more about different university programmes from our alumni’s first-hand experience.

20160929 Talk on How to Design a Museum

Plain facts of history may make students feel bored. How to make history more lively? F3 students are given a chance to design their own museums with the guidelines from our guest speaker a museum manager and F4 winners last year.

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