Highlights of the Months (February 2017)

Highlights of the Months (February 2017)

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20170223 Visitors from a Secondary School of Sichuan

Let’s welcome our visitors from Sichuan. STMC has become a platform for teachers’ professional development.

20170221 Chinese Reading Aloud Competition for Form 1 students

To train F1 students’ speaking and presentation skills, Reading Aloud Competitive is held.

20170220 School Consultation by Student Union

The Student Union is a bridge for the school and students to communicate. Students can feel free to ask the principal, vice principal and teachers questions concerning school policies and curriculum in the School Consultation Forum held by SU.

20170217 Junior Form Assembly - Being an Engineer

Being an engineer may sound distant to junior form students, but our speaker presents this career to students in such an inspiring way that they are so much engaged.

20170216 Liberal Studies Forum on Social Issue

To let students understand more about organ donation, a forum is held. Students learn to judge this issue from different perspectives.

20170213 Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival Performance

Thank our Drama Club for performing such a wonderful show! Their effort pays off!

20170210 Senior Form Parent-Teacher Forum

Being the companions in their children’s life journey, parents are certainly concerned about the further studies and future careers of their children. Their concerns are addressed in this forum so that they can guide their children to plan better for their future.

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