Highlights of the Months (March 2017)

Highlights of the Months (March 2017)

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20170328 Gifted Program in English

Our students won’t be satisfied with classroom learning only. Their interest in English can be further developed through English drama in the gifted program.

20170327 Career Week Form 5 Prospect Talk

We’re pleased to have Hok Yau Club here to give a talk on possible paths after secondary school. Students are inspired to set goals and plan for their future.

20170312-23 Career Week Sharing of Further Studies

During Career Week, students can gain a better understanding to different subjects and careers through the sharing by our alumni, parents and tertiary institutions including HKUST, City University and Tung Wah College.

20170322 Career Week Further Studies HK City U

Understanding oneself is a crucial step to life planning. Thank City University for guiding our students to plan for future based on their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

20170320 Subject Selection Talk for Form 3 Students

A right choice of subject combination is vital for students’ intellectual development. In this talk, both F3 students and their parents can gain a better understanding of subject combination for senior secondary years.

20170314 Prize Presentation in the Morning Assembly

Both academic and athletic achievements of students are praised in the morning assembly. We’re proud of them!

20170313 Form 1 Volunteer Service Briefing

Through volunteer service, F1 students learn to respect and accept people with different needs from different backgrounds.

20170310 Reading Day

Family education and school education are both important when it comes to building up students’ reading habits. To arouse students’ interest in reading, Reading Day is held at school every year with the help of parents.

20170306 Form 3 Social Issue Commentary Competition

To train students’ presentation and critical thinking skills, Social Issue Commentary Competition is held among F3 students.

20170303 Thanksgiving Morning Assmebly to our Stuff

Students respect and appreciate the contribution made by the teachers, lab technicians, office staff and janitors. This manifests the unity of STMC, making us a family.

20170302 First Term Prize Presentation

Students’ academic achievements are praised in the prize presentation ceremony. They’re role models for students to learn from.

20170302 Charity Show

Thank the Student Union for holding such a wonderful Charity Show for us! It is a variety show in which students and teachers perform in form of dancing, singing, drama and magic. It is not just for fun, but also for a good cause!

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