Highlights of the Months (April 2017)

Highlights of the Months (April 2017)

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20170428 A Visit to UST

A visit to the UST campus inspires students to set goals for their future studies and careers.

20170424 F.4 Visual Art Shadow Play Workshop

Doesn’t shadow Play leave you a different impression when you see students’ shadow play puppets? Students appreciate this opportunity to learn traditional art in a modern way in this Art Workshop.

20170410 PTA Teacher Appreciation Banquet

Thank parents for the food, lovely songs and small gifts they have prepared. We teachers can feel the sincere appreciation from them.

20170410 Alumni Career Sharing

Encouraged to plan and prepare for the future, students are exposed to different careers from the sharing of our dear alumni.

20170408 25th Sha Tin Inter-Primary School Mathematics Contest

Our school is eager to promote Mathematics not just in our school, but among different schools. Sha Tin District Primary School Mathematics Contest, in which Maths lovers from primary schools in Sha Tin are invited, is a traditional event organized by our Maths Club.

20170407 Form 1 Voluntary Work

It is a blessing to serve than to be served. It is not just a saying, but an experience F1 students have doing voluntary work.

20170406 STEM Week Our Principals Also Learn Coding

At STMC, we learn from each other. Here, Prinipal Ho and Vice Principal Mrs Wong are learning to control a robot by coding from our talented students! See how much fun they’re having!

20170406 STEM Week F.1 & F.2 Maths and Science Contest

Constructing students’ Maths and Science knowledge does not only take place in classrooms. In this Inter-class Maths and Science Quiz, students learn more about these subjects; and more importantly, build up more interest in them.

20170405 STEM Week F.3 Engineering Parachute Making Workshop

Is engineering just a subject in university? Of course not! In the workshop, engineering becomes approachable as students can experience its power making a parachute.

20170330 STEM Week StarLab

Isn’t it the Space Museum? Why is it at the hall? A star lab is set up here for students to explore the mystery of astronomy.

20160428 Visiting Think Privacy! Be Smart Online Mobile Exhibition Car

In the digital age, students should not be denied the online world. Instead, they should learn to make smart use of it.

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