Highlights of the Months (May 2017)

Highlights of the Months (May 2017)

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20170518-19 Life Fair- Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Process

To help students build up a positive attitude toward life, Life Fair is held. In the fair, students learn to admire the beautiful people and things around them and feel grateful for their talents and life process.

20170517 Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme Thanksgiving Ceremony

At the end of this school-year, F1 students show their appreciation for the love and care contributed by the big brothers and sisters who have guided them to adapt to secondary school-life.

20170515 June 4 Stage Show

History shall not be forgotten. Through this stage show, students have a chance to understand June 4 Incident and reflect on it.

20170511 Form 4 Thanksgiving Ceremony

Through the Volunteer Scheme, F4 students have learnt how to serve others from social workers and put it into practice in voluntary services. In the thanksgiving ceremony, students reflect on their experience and say thanks to the social workers.

20170510 Form 2 Inter-class English Drama Competition

The Inter-class English Drama Competition brings students an enjoyable learning experience outside the classroom. Both the performers and audience enjoy the show so much!

20170505 Swimming Gala

The weather is sunny, so are our students. See how energetic and active they are in the swimming and cheerleading events.

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