Highlights of the Months (June 2017)

Highlights of the Months (June 2017)

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20170630 Singing Contest

Students’ talents are shown in different areas in various functions. In this singing contest, they have prepared and performed their best!

20170629 F5 Life Planning Workshop

A workshop is organized for F5 students to have a taste of further studies and future careers in a mock setting. It is not just fun, but also inspiring for students to plan for their future ahead.

20170626 End-of-year Staff Luncheon

After a year of hard work, the staff team chats and enjoys a nice time together.

20170622 PTA Volunteer Luncheon

Thank the PTA Volunteer Team for their devotion to serving the school this year. It’s time to celebrate at the end of a year.

20170608 Staff Development Day

Our teaching team is inspired by hymn sharing and equipped with information technology skills on Staff Development Day.

20170607 F5 Self-Account Writing Workshop

To prepare students to write for the JUPAS account, a writing workshop is held.

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