Highlights of the Months (September 2017)

Highlights of the Months (September 2017)

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20170928 Form 6 JUPAS Briefing

Thanks to our alumni sharing, F6 students can find out more about different university programmes from our alumni’s first-hand experience.

20170926 F1 Read and Speak Competition

Students’ learning should not be limited to textbooks. Building up a reading habit would definitely improve their language and broaden their horizons. To promote reading, the inter-class ‘Read and Speak’ Competition was held in F1.

20170925 Hong Kong Methodist Church Education Day

On the Education Day, Ms. Fok, Ms. Yuen and Ms. Fan, who have served our school for years, are awarded and appreciated. The cheers for them have shown how much they have contributed to school.

20170914-27 AGM of Clubs

In the beginning of the school year, annual general meetings of different clubs and groups are held. Committees are formed and members are looking forward to exciting programmes ahead!

20170908 Christian Union

It was a great pleasure that there was a chance for Christians to gather in the beginning of this school year. They formed a candle cross sharing their wishes and worries with God.

20170906 Class Photo Taking

A highlight of the school affairs day is the photo-taking part of each class. We wish that unity, harmony and support can be formed in each class this year.

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