Highlights of the Months (February 2018)

Highlights of the Months (February 2018)

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  • 20101210 Assembly of Guidance Committee
20180228 Chinese Speech Competition for Form 2 students

To train students’ presentation skills, Chinese Speech Competition is held.

20180210 Seminar for Parents - How to Increase the Ability to Resist Negative Influence

Parents learn more about how to strengthen their children’s resilience to adversity in this seminar.

20180207 Fair Trade - Chocolate Conference

Through role-playing, this workshop provides students with more insight into fair trade.

20180207 Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme Thanksgiving Ceremony

With the care and love offered by big brothers and sisters, our freshmen have grown up happily. It’s time for them to send gratitude to their big brothers and sisters in the ceremony.

20180202 Christian Union 2

Christians are singing and praying together in support of each other.

20180210 Form 1-2 Parent-Teacher Forum

To strengthen the communication between parents and teachers, a forum is held.

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