Highlights of the Months (March 2018)

Highlights of the Months (March 2018)

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  • 20101211 Primary 6 Guidance Day
20180327 Job Place Visit - Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park and Hotel

Through the job place visit to Disney, students gain better understanding of the job nature of the park and its hotel.

20180319-23 Career Week

During Career Week, students can gain a better understanding to different subjects and careers through the sharing by our alumni, parents and tertiary institutions.

20180317 Seminar for Parents - Life Education Through Film

Film viewing is not only for fun. It can be a tool for life education as presented in the seminar.

20180315 Prize Presentation in Morning Assembly

Prizes are presented to outstanding athletes and their athletic talents are praised in the Morning Assembly.

20180312 Sharing on Climate Change by Mr. Lam Chiu Ying

Thank Mr. Lam Chui Ying for his sharing on climate changes.

20180308 Reading Day

Family education and school education are both important when it comes to building up students’ reading habits. To arouse students’ interest in reading, Reading Day is held at school every year with the help of parents.

20180307 News Commentary Competition for Form 3 Students

To raise students’ social awareness, News Commentary Competition is held in F3.

20180305-07 Putonghua Week

To provide a Putonghua Speaking Environment for students, Putonghua Week is held.

20180304 PTA Nam Sang Wai Ecotourism

Not only can parents and teachers enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nam Sang Wai in this eco-tour, they also take this chance to communicate with each other.

20180302 Student Union Charity Football Match

Both students and teachers enjoy playing this football match for a good cause.

20180302 Prize Presentation Ceremony of the First Term

To celebrate students’ academic achievements, Prize Presentation Ceremony is held.

20180301 Gospel Sharing in Morning Assembly

Gospel Sharing is an inspiration for students’ spiritual growth.

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