Highlights of the Months (April 2018)

Highlights of the Months (April 2018)

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  • 20101216 Prize Presentation Ceremony
20180424 Metropop Drawing Workshop for Form 4 Students

F4 students are taught to draw some patterns on bags in the Metropop Drawing Workshop.

20180423 PTA Teacher Appreciation Banquet

Parents show their gratitude to teachers by preparing food and singing songs in Teacher Appreciation Banquet.

20180421 Race for the Line Rocket Car Competition Hong Kong Station

Students are inspired to enjoy, explore and get involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through this Race for the Line—Rocket Car Competition.

20180420 Student Union - School Consultation

School Consultation Forum is a platform for students and school to communicate with each other.

20180419 Form 2 English Creative Showcase Competition

F2 students perform in the drama shows using English in English Creative Showcase Competition.

20180416 Tsing Ma Bridge Visit

Senior students are exposed to the engineering field through the visit to Tsing Ma Bridge.

20180416 Career Talk Cinema Management

Students are exposed to cinema management in a career talk.

20180401 Hiking Club Camping at Tai Mo Shan

The Hiking Club members enjoy hiking, building camps, cooking in the wild at Tai Mo Shan.

201804 杭州紹興歷史文學四天學習團

Leaning Chinese Literature and History is not confined to classrooms. Students visit Hangzhou and Shaoxing while learning.

2018 STEM Week

In STEM week, students can join some inter-disciplinary workshops and activities including game stalls, Rocket Car Competition and Engineer Workshop.

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