MUN: A Formidable Mission – Step Outside the Comfort Zone, Step In a New Horizon

MUN: A Formidable Mission – Step Outside the Comfort Zone, Step In a New Horizon

A group of F.3 students this year have participated in Model United Nations held both overseas and locally. From the events, they learnt researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, team work, and leadership abilities. Despite setbacks, students had their global vision widened and confidence boosted. Here are their reflections:


“Though a challenge, it enhances my communication and listening skills in English. It also raised my confidence and resilience. I will definitely join it again.” 3A Ma Chun Yin

“My horizon was broadened and I came to see my quick mind. I also see the importance of a solid knowledge base and logical thinking.” 3A Lau Chung Hei

“The situations we encountered in the conferences trained our thinking speed. I bonded with my fellow delegates and my confidence was boosted.” 3A Tang Cheuk Hang

“MUN is a great learning experience opening my eyes to how the UN works and reminding me to think from different angles. It is also a great socializing experience.” 3A Lo Wai Yin

“Mustering up courage to speak up is not easy but the gratification afterwards is huge. I enjoyed the challenges of analysing and asserting myself in the conferences.” 3A Leung Ka Yau

“Put in a 100% English environment. I had to take my guts out and speak beyond the edge, debating with the best. It jacked my confidence in speaking. I also met many interesting dudes and it broadened my horizons. It is a memorable chapter in my life.” 3A Siu Yu Hang

“I saw different countries trying to solve problems in MUN and learnt many new things about this world. It is an interesting experience.” 3A Ng Moses Mike

“I was so glad to be discussing issues with a room of really humorous delegates and making friends with some of them! SCMUN was a great experience!” 3B Chiu Lok Yin

“MUN is a big leap for me. I gained much exposure to world issues and world politics. It is a fantastic and challenging experience.” 3B Wong Adrian