Highlights of the Months (May 2018)

Highlights of the Months (May 2018)

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  • 20101217 Parent-Teacher Conference
20180531 School Visit by Arizona State University

Our Music Panel is visited by Arizona State University. Taking this opportunity, the choir is singing and some students are playing musical instruments in front of the guests.

20180529 June 4 and Us Forum

June 4 is part of our history that should not be forgotten. In the June 4 and Us Forum, students have a better understanding of this incident from different perspectives.

20180521 Career Talk Form 5 Self Account Writing Skill

Students can learn writing skills of their Self Accounts for JUPAS in this career writing talk.

20180518 Form 6 Graduation Camp

Although F6 school year has ended, their personal growth has not ended. In the graduation camp, students can learn more about Christianity and themselves.

20180518 F.2 Form Teacher Lesson

Making use of form teacher lessons, Life Education is carried out.

20180516 Lunch Concert

Students are glad to show their talents playing musical instruments in small groups in the lunch concert.

20180514 Swimming Gala

Swimmers perform their best supported by their classmates. Not only sportsmanship, class unity is also promoted in our swimming gala.

20180511 Life 我不倒

Organized by the Guidance Council, game stalls promoting positive life values are prepared and students can get these important messages through the games.

20180502 Swimming Gala Poolside Cheering Team Competition Heat

We can see students’ energy and class unity not only in Swimming Gala, but also in the Poolside Cheering Team Competition Heat.

20180502 Form 4 Voluntary Services Thanksgiving Ceremony

Through the Volunteer Scheme, F4 students have learnt how to serve others from social workers and put it into practice in voluntary services. In the thanksgiving ceremony, students reflect on their experience and say thanks to the social workers.

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