Highlights of the Months (September 2018)

Highlights of the Months (September 2018)
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20180928 Traversing the Forbidden City

The architectural history and characteristics of the Forbidden City are presented in a lively way through the drama ‘Traversing the Forbidden City’.

20180926 National Day Flag-raising Ceremony

A flag-raising ceremony is held for National Day. Together with students’ sharing, students have gained a better understanding of our home country and people.

20180919 Inauguration of big brother and sisters

The whole school is so excited to see the new faces of freshmen! They are chanting their slogans on the stage with the Big Brothers and Sisters, who are senior students to walk with them in their new school-life!

20180914 Inauguration of Prefects

Led by the Head Prefect and Prefect leaders, the Prefect Team is making a vow to serve the school by maintaining its order and harmony.

20180913 AGM

In the beginning of the school year, annual general meetings of different clubs and groups are held. Committees are formed and members are looking forward to exciting programmes ahead!

20180911 Inauguration of Student Union

Here comes the inauguration of Student Union! We’re happy to see a team of enthusiastic students who vow to serve the school and schoolmates.

20180903 Opening Ceremony

In the beginning of a school year, let’s thank for a restful summer and pray for a fruitful year ahead.

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