Highlights of the Months (December 2018)

Highlights of the Months (December 2018)
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20181221 Christmas Service

In Christmas service, we celebrate the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ and take this opportunity to present gifts to people in need.

20181215 P6 Guidance Day

P.6 Guidance Day is not only regarded as a day to promote our school, but also a day to strengthen the bond of the whole school as all the groups cooperate and work for a common goal.

20181214 F3 Talk

Parents’ support is vital to students’ learning. We have held a talk for F3 parents so that they can involve more to guide their children in subject selection in senior forms.

20181204 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

In the 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, we thank for the blessings God has granted us.

20181203 Talk on Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art may seem difficult to understand. Thanks to the speaker, it is presented in a lively way.

20121219 Assembly From Fear to Dare

We’re delighted to have invited Artist Kathy Chan Ka Yee to share her illustrated character Little Half’s story ‘From Fear to Dare’, which aims to encourage people to be courageous to be true to oneself.

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