Highlights of the Months (February 2019)

Highlights of the Months (February 2019)
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20190228 Prize Presentation Ceremony

In the Prize Presentation Ceremony, students with outstanding academic results are publicly praised. Congratulations to them!

20190227 Mr Cheng's Sharing

Mr Cheng’s religious sharing is touching and enlightening. We have learnt to have faith and trust in God.

20190220 Prefect Team's Sharing

Acting as a bridge between schoolmates and the school, the Prefect Team plays an important role. In the morning assembly, they share how meaningful their duties are and how they have overcome their difficulties.

20190219 F6 Farewell assembly

May the F6 graduates take this valuable chance in their last weekly assembly to thank their teachers and say goodbye to the school. They can also feel the encouragement and love from God, the Principal, their teachers and schoolmates through hymns sharing in this gathering.

20190218 Weekly Assembly

We are glad to have Mr. Chu here with us to talk about debating skills in a lively way.

20190215 Ms Leung's Sharing

Ms Leung’s religious sharing reminds us of the love from God.

20190212 Swimming Team’s Share

The Swimming Team members show their passion for swimming in the morning assembly.

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