Highlights of the Months (January 2019)

Highlights of the Months (January 2019)
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20190130 Ms Wong's Sharing

Thanks for Ms Wong’s religious sharing. Her sincere sharing shows her trust in God.

20190125 Dodgeball Teams Sharing

From the sharing by the School’s Dodgeball Team in the morning assembly, we can see they have embodied sportsmanship and teamwork in their team.

20190125 35th Anniversary Dinner

All the happy faces are here to say Happy Birthday to STMC at the 35th Anniversary Dinner.

20190107 Ms Choi and Ms Yuen's sharing

Thanks for Ms Choi and Ms Yuen’s sharing. We can see their faith in God in their religious sharing.

20190104 eApp Introduction

"E-APP” (the Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes) is introduced to students so that they are aware of another application channel to tertiary education programmes that are not covered under JUPAS (the Joint University Programmes Admissions System).

20190102 Drama Club's Sharing

We are happy to have Drama Club to share their fun time and challenges in the club with us.

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