Highlights of the Months (March 2019)

Highlights of the Months (March 2019)
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20190330 UK Model Rocket Car Competition

Students are inspired to enjoy, explore and get involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through the UK Model Rocket Car Competition.

20190320 Senior Form Assembly: Leadership Talk

To expose students to the business world, a leadership talk is held by the Careers Committee.

20190319 Junior Form Assembly: Talk by the Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup is invited by our Liberal Studies Panel to deliver a talk on how to help the homeless to rebuild confidence and end homelessness through football.

20190318 F3 Subject Selection Talk

To guide students to make the right choice of elective subjects in senior forms, a Subject Selection Talk is held.

20190318-21 Careers Week

During Careers Week, students can gain a better understanding to different subjects and careers through the sharing by our alumni, parents and tertiary institutions.

20190314 Charity Show

Thank the Student Union for holding such a wonderful Charity Show for us! It is a variety show in which students and teachers perform in form of dancing, singing, drama and magic. It is not just for fun, but also for a good cause!

20190307 Reading Day

Family education and school education are both important when it comes to building up students’ reading habits. To arouse students’ interest in reading, Reading Day is held at school every year with the help of parents.

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