Highlights of the Month (October 2019)

Highlights of the Month (October 2019)
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20191018 First English Day

The First English Day with the theme ‘Global Culture’ kicks off. Our students are excited to interact with foreigners who introduce their cultures to them!

20191018 F1 Benediction Ceremony

Entering a new stage, F1 students are blessed by the church, the school and their parents in the Benediction Ceremony.

20191015 Presentation on Overseas Study Tours

In summer, all F3 students went on study tours in different countries to do visits and services. They’re glad to do a presentation to share their valuable experience with lower-form students in the weekly assembly.

20191014 Morning Assembly

Thank Mr. Tsang for his inspirational sharing. We’ve learnt to praise the God for His beautiful creation of the world!

20191009 Inauguration of English Ambassadors

Thank a team of English Ambassadors! They are enthusiastic about taking up the role of promoting English at school.

20191008 F.6 Interview Talk

An Interview Talk is arranged for F6 students so that they are more prepared for university interviews.

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