Highlights of the Month (December 2019)

Highlights of the Month (December 2019)
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2019121819 Weekly Assembly: Lighthouse

Thank Mr. Yu for his inspirational sharing. God has become a lighthouse guiding him in the darkness of his life.

20191212 Adulthood Ceremony

In the Adulthood Ceremony, students are blessed by the church, Principal, Vice-Principal, parents and teachers. They have also learnt to be caring and humble being God’s servants through the rituals.

20191211 Science Show

Science is not just a subject learnt in classrooms. In this Science Show, students can get involved and learn science in an interesting way.

20191207 P6 Guidance Day

P.6 Guidance Day is not only regarded as a day to promote our school, but also a day to strengthen the bond of the whole school as all the groups cooperate and work for a common goal.

20191206 Religious Sharing in Morning Assembly

Religious sharing is not limited to teachers only. Students also take morning assembly as a platform to share their religious experience with the whole school.

20191203 Morning Assembly

In the morning assembly, our students share with us some information about recycling to raise our awareness of environmental protection.

20191202 Assembly Talk on 3D Drawing

In the weekly assembly, artist Mr. Yiu gives a talk on 3D drawing in a lively way. Students are indeed impressed by this new form of art.

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