Highlights of the Month (November 2019)

Highlights of the Month (November 2019)
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20191129 Cheering Team Competition

Sportsmanship and unity are not only shown in team sports, they can be found in our Inter-class Cheering Team Competition!

20191129 36th Anniversary Service

In the 36th Anniversary Service, we count and thank for our blessings granted by God.

20191123 F6 Parents Day and Education Exhibition

Parents’ concern over students’ future is taken care of. On the F6 Parents’ Day, there is an education exhibition where various tertiary institutions are invited.

2019111225 Prize Presentation Morning Assemblies

In the Prize Presentation Morning Assemblies, students’ achievements in different areas are praised. Their effort deserves our appreciation.

20191112 JUPAS Follow Up Talk

Our experienced Careers teacher Ms. Fan is giving students advice on JUPAS application in the JUPAS Follow-up Talk.

20191111 Assembly Talk: Creationism

Creationism may seem a difficult topic, but thank to Pastor Neville Chamberlain, students can gain a better understanding of this religious concept.

20191108 Assembly Talk: Getting along with the Opposite Gender

In the Weekly Assembly, the speaker talks about Getting along with the Opposite Gender so that students can learn how to build a healthy and harmonious relationship with the opposite gender.

20191107 Ms. Chan’s Sharing in Morning Assembly

Thank Ms. Chan for her inspirational sharing in the morning assembly. Her faith in God is shown.

20191106 Escape Room held by Maths Club

A game Escape Room is held by Maths Club to raise students’ interest in Maths. In this game, students play as cooperative teams to solve Maths questions together.

20191104 Mr. Shanahan’s Sharing in Morning Assembly

We’re glad to have Mr. Shanahan to share with us Remembrance Day in Canada. On that day, Canadians pause to honour the men and women who have served and continue to serve Canada during times of war, conflict, and peace.

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