F5 Geography Field Study of Tai Po Lam Tsuen River

F5 Geography Field Study of Tai Po Lam Tsuen River

Field study is an important element of the study of Geography. We are thankful that we could organize a river study in the afternoon in early November. We must thank the school laboratory technicians for preparing most of the inspection equipment and the company of two male colleagues. That day, students could go out of the classroom and carry out a field study of Tai Po Lam Tsuen River. The study locations were the upstream and downstream of Tai Po Lam Tsuen River, including Chai Kek, Tam Shui Ken Village and Shui Wai. The students set foot in the natural river area to collect data. They worked together to collect water samples and test their quality. They also had the opportunity to walk into the farmland in the countryside. Everyone was happy and engaged.
This river study gave them an experience of applying the geography concepts in the textbook to real life. They are looking forward to the next field study.

Natural River View

Students are measuring the depth of a river segment.

Students are measuring the width of a river segment.

Students are testing the river water quality.

A student is measuring the speed of water flow.

Students are taking river water samples with a small bucket.

Students are recording the water quality.