F6 Adulthood Ceremony

F6 Adulthood Ceremony

We are grateful that this year’s F6 Adulthood Ceremony was successfully held in mid-November before the severe epidemic. This left F.6 students a beautiful memory before they left STMC.

They looked at the photos of their own faces from F1 to F6 with laughter. Then, the host teacher led them to sing hymns. Following that was the sharing from the school supervisor Rev. Kan. He encouraged them to learn the servant leader spirit of Jesus to live a humble life serving others. This year, more than 30 teachers participated in the foot-washing ceremony in the Adulthood Ceremony. They were willing to kneel and wash the feet of each F6 student humbly so that the students could experience the act of being served. Through this, we hope that they can pass on this humble spirit of serving to those around them and become a blessing to more people!

Principal Cheung sent the candlelight of love to the class teachers, who then lit the candles in the hands of each student. The candlelight lit up the surroundings symbolizing the spread of STMC’s caring and humble serving spirit.

In the end, the class teachers returned each student a small box with a note which was written down by students themselves at the F1 Benediction Ceremony showing their expectations of the six-year secondary school life. They were excited while reviewing their own expectations at this special moment.

The F6 Adulthood Ceremony is a heritage of STMC and it offers graduates a special experience!

Teachers pray together before the Adulthood

School Supervisor Rev. Kan Kei-piu’s sharing

Teachers are washing students’ feet.

The Principal is lighting up a candle.

A class teacher is lighting up students’ candles.

Boxes from F1 Benediction Ceremony and candles of love

A class teacher is returning boxes to students.

Students are excited to read their expectations written in F1.

6A, Rev. Kan, Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers

6B and their class teacher

6C, their teachers and parents

6D, Rev. Kan, Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers