Highlights of the Month (January-April 2021)

Highlights of the Month (January-April 2021)
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202104 Congratulations to 5A Wong Lok Ching for Getting Award in English Creative Writing Competition

In response to "4.23 World Book Day", the Hong Kong Public Libraries of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department held "4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition" with the theme of "Exploring the New Frontiers of Reading" this year. Based on the theme, students can decide topics for their articles. This competition attracted students from more than 200 schools. The good news is our 5A student Wong Lok Ching’s article entitled “Self-Awareness” won an award for the senior secondary (S4-6) group in the English section. [ More detail ]

20210410 Dedication Ceremony of Boys' and Girls’ Brigades

We’re grateful that the Dedication Ceremony was held smoothly this year despite the epidemic. It is a joint event of the Boys’ Brigade of the Sha Tin Methodist Church and the Girls’ Brigade of our school. [ More Detail]

20210409 Form 4 Volunteer Service Thanksgiving Ceremony

Working with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Shatin Integrated Centre for Youth Development, our F4 students had a valuable opportunity to visit people in need. Their effort is recognized in this ceremony encouraging them to keep a caring and thankful heart.

20210408 Form 1 Benediction Ceremony

Entering a new stage, freshmen are blessed with their new roles in the benediction ceremony. The church, Principal, teachers and parents are all invited to witness this precious time.

20210301 Interview about Quality Education Fund

Thanks to Quality Education Fund, our school has a beautiful campus. We’re happy to have a herb garden and aquaponics (a system raising aquatic animals and cultivating plants), which raise students’ interest in different aspects.

20210222 Form 6 Farewell Morning Assembly

It’s time to say goodbye. Representatives from different classes give their speeches highlighting the happy memories they experienced together and expressing their gratitude to their beloved teachers. Rev Wong and Principal Cheung are here to send them blessings and give them encouragement.

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