Fair Trade Campus Sale

Fair Trade Campus Sale

In order to enhance students’ understanding of the fair trade concept under globalization and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, the Department of Economics and Business, Accounting & Financial Studies had held Fair Trade Campus Sale selling fair trade products from April 19 to 23.

Some Form 5 students studying Economics and Business, Accounting & Financial Studies formed a core group. Under the guidance of teachers, they experienced setting up a business, from raising funds, conceiving marketing plans, designing promotional materials, setting up online sales channels to promoting fair trade products at school.

Being entrepreneurs for the first time, the core group members were very excited. Besides selling products, they also distributed leaflets to schoolmates explaining the principles of fair trade. Our schoolmates and teachers supported the event and responded enthusiastically.

This is the third year that our school has organized this business experience event. Last year, the committee experienced school suspension due to the epidemic. That’s why the event was repeatedly postponed, and the products almost reached the expiry date before it. If that had really happened, there would have been financial loss. This year, this event was also delayed because of the epidemic. Anyway, this allowed the students to experience the risks of doing business, which is indeed an invaluable experience.

Part of the profits from this sale will be donated to the organizations that promote fair trade, so that more students and the public can understand the concept of fair trade.

Principal Cheung is appreciative of the efforts made by the committee and shows support by purchasing some fair trade products.

The core members of Fair Trade Campus Sale

Under the guidance of teachers, the students have actively prepared for more than a few months, and the sale is finally launched.

These students are very excited to have a taste of being entrepreneurs for the first time.

The teachers and students are all interested in fair trade products, and they are very supportive of the concept of fair trade.