Highlights of the Month (May 2021)

Highlights of the Month (May 2021)
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20210527 Say Thank You to Non-teaching Staff

Our school cannot be run with only teaching staff, but also all the responsible and caring non-teaching staff. In this event, students show their appreciation to all the non-teaching staff, including office staff, janitors, librarians, technicians and social workers. We’re indeed a big family!

20210521 Greening School Project Award Champion

STMC has a strong tradition in school greening. With the distinctive Chinese herbs garden set up twenty years ago, students have opportunities to learn from our precious nature.
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 20210518 F3 Museum Studies Project

What museums do students come up with for this Museum Studies Project? Their creativity is endless as they are inspired by teachers’ guidance, museum visits and information analysis in this project.

20210506 Curriculum Planning Meeting

Our school cares how students can learn best for their further studies and future careers. Regular meetings for curriculum planning are held to make sure our curriculum is updated to meet the needs of students and society.

20210505 Encouragement from Guidance Committee

Students may face different obstacles. The Guidance Committee reminds students about the power of determination and strong will in facing difficulties.

20210501 Fair Trade Campus Sale

In order to enhance students’ understanding of the fair trade concept under globalization and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, the Department of Economics and Business, Accounting & Financial Studies had held Fair Trade Campus Sale selling fair trade products from April 19 to 23. [More detail ]

202105 The HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2021 Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

The HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2021 organised by Hong Kong Community College of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU HKCC) for Secondary 4 to Secondary 6 students was completed. This year, the theme was “Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence”. Students were required to analyse the business of a real corporation in Hong Kong and to develop new service(s) with AI technology for this corporation. Our school won the Bronze Award in this competition. Congratulations to our winners!

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