Highlights of Post-Examination Activities (June – July)

Highlights of Post-Examination Activities (June – July)

Our school provided a wide range of enriching activities after examination. Students could not only invigorate themselves, but also explore different aspects of life through these activities. The activities could foster their personal growth by catering for their life planning, religious, wealth management, artistic, ethical and mentally resilient development.

We organised ‘’Money Master Financial Education Programme’, ‘Visual Arts Activity—3D Drawing Workshop’, ‘Traditional Craftsmanship Workshop—Minibus Sign Making’, ‘Guidance Committee Activity— Action Chamomile’, ‘Life Planning Experiential Activity—Six Coloured Building Blocks and Game Box’,  ‘Life Planning Workshop’, ‘The Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Choir’, ‘Student Union Report and School Policy Consultation Forum’ and ‘Sharing on Dress Casual Day—Love Animals, Respect Life’.

Please see below for some highlights of the post-examination activities-

The choir’s performance



Students learnt financial management skills through games.

The 3D drawing in the making


A group of students took pictures with their 3D drawing.

Joe Yiu, the artist, received a pennant from our Principal Cheung.

Students were at the job centre to gather job vacancy information in accordance with their academic qualifications in the game.

There were zones for workplace, a school, a job centre, a bank, a community, a party room and a dating agency stimulating the real world.

A wide range of Chamomile themed activities were provided to students with an aim to enhance their confidence and perseverance.

A student expressed his views in School Policy Consultation Forum.

The founder of the organisation, Kelly Tse, was having a sharing with two lovely dogs.

Students were interacting with the dogs in excitement.