Highlights of the Month (July 2021)

Highlights of the Month (July 2021)

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20210722 Outstanding DSE results

We’re proud our F6 students did work hard and get satisfactory DSE results. Some even achieved outstanding results and serve as role models for other students to learn from.

20210721 Talk for F6 Students

F6 students and their parents are not alone facing their DSE exam results. They are prepared with positive encouragements and practical information before the release of DSE results in the talk.

20210712 End of School Year

In the end of school year service, we celebrate the efforts of students with outstanding performance in academic and other areas.

20210707 Say Thanks to Teaching and Non-teaching Staff

We thank both teaching and non-teaching staff for their dedication. Their contribution is certainly worth-noting and deserves our appreciation!

20210705 Student Union Report, School Administration Consultation Conference and New Student Union Consultation Meeting

Student Union members share their invaluable experience organizing activities despite the pandemic. After that, they hold Administration Consultation Conference, in which the Principal, Vice Principals and other senior teachers clarify some school policies and answer students’ questions for the school’s better development. The new Student Union also takes this opportunity to present their missions and visions.

20210705 Charity Dress Casual Day for Kelly Animals Shelter

Our Dress Casual Day is meaningful as students can raise funds for Kelly Animals Shelter, which aims to save the abandoned animals in Hong Kong. We are glad that their staff come to our school to explain the importance of their work and love for animals with their lovely dogs.

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