Highlights of the Month (June 2021)

Highlights of the Month (June 2021)
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20210630 Life Planning Workshop

Career Committee has provided ample opportunities for students to get exposed to different paths in studies and careers. This time, they cooperate with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service to hold Life Planning Workshop for senior-form students so that they can experience life in learning, leisure and careers in a mock setting. Students find this activity inspiring as it sheds some light on their life planning.

20210629 F4 3D Drawing

Art can be expressed in different forms. In this workshop, students finish 3D artworks in groups. Their cooperation and creativity make their artworks beautiful and unique!

20210626 F5 Alumni Sharing about Careers

To expose students to the real job market, alumni are invited to share their professions. Students find their sharing interesting and inspiring.

20210607 Staff Development Day

On Staff Development Day, teachers are refreshed by singing hymns together. We are also inspired by messages sharing by scholars, our educational psychologist and social worker.

20210603 Self-Account and Additional Information Workshop

To apply for JUPAS (The Joint University Programmes Admission System), senior form students are prepared in this workshop. Their doubts are clarified and they can learn how to present themselves appropriately in the application.

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