Highlights of the Month (August 2021)

Highlights of the Month (August 2021)
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2021082526 F.4 Camp for Student Growth

Cooperation is always the most workable way to overcome obstacle. Using various tools such as plastic cups, paper cards and Legos to build bridges and create prototypes, students can learn to work as a team to cope with challenges and tackle hardships through the intensive team-building activities.

20210824 Staff Development Day

Colleagues work in different groups to create their marvelous artworks without speaking–in order to illustrate their superb cooperative tactics merely with eye contact and body languages. They showcase their artistic posters and share their ideas accordingly during the sessions.

20210821 Talk and Workshop for F.1 Parents

F.1 parents are highly engaged in the Talks and Workshops raising questions about school matters. Our Principal and Vice Principals are pleased to host the Talks and handle queries whenever possible.

2021081719 F.1 Welcome Talks by DC, ADC and IT Department

All F.1 students attend the Welcome Talks before the start of the school year in order to understand the school rules and their roles better. They are well-behaved and listen attentively during the talks.

20210816 F1 Orientation Day

Before starting a new school life at STMC, our students attend the F.1 Orientation Day on which they can meet fellow schoolmates and become familiarized with their school by taking part in a variety of group activities.

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