Highlights of the Month (October 2021)

Highlights of the Month (October 2021)

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20211029 Taking photos with New Teachers

Welcome to STMC–our new teachers are invited to take photos with Principal Cheung. They post creatively and smile cheerfully during the photo-taking sessions. With passion and motivation, our new teachers can help students achieve marvelous performances on both academic and holistic aspects.

20211029 Staff Development Day

Mindfulness is added as a new session on the Staff Development Day for promoting mental health. All teachers are encouraged to relax thoroughly by taking a deep breath, closing their eyes and stretching their limbs.

20211026 Form 6 Career Talk 2

F.6 students are given opportunities to explore their personality and ideal occupations by doing work-matching tests. They make the best choices carefully and share their results surprisedly with each other. All students can greatly benefit from recognizing their potential through the test analysis.

20211025 Inter-school Swimming Championships 2021

We are pleased to announce that our students are awarded with prizes in recognition of their marvelous performances in the annual Inter-school Swimming Championships! We would like to show the greatest gratitude to our teachers and congratulate all the awardees on getting the superb and outstanding achievements.

20211020 Form 1 Benediction Ceremony

Our Principals and Priests are present to give blessings to our F.1 students on the stage, enlightening students with hands. Students write messages on cards and put them into boxes during the Ceremony so that they can review their words and reflect on their experiences at Adulthood Celebration; students can also read the messages written by their parents and share the splendid moments with their family.

20211015 HK Cultural Cyclic Assembly

We are pleased to have invited Ms. Susanna Siu, the Executive Secretary of Antiquities and Monuments Offices, to be our honorable guest of HK Cultural Cyclic Assembly. Ms. Siu shows us a number of spectacular HK cultural tourist spots and shares with us her valuable experiences in conserving HK’s heritage and antiquities. She also highlights how technology and civil engineering significantly contribute to heritage conservation. Our students listen attentively and they are keen to raise questions at the end of the sharing session.

20211008 Inter-Class Mooncake Box Recycling Competition

In order to improve students' environmental protection awareness and encourage them to participate in recycling activities, the Resource Committee organized the "Inter-Class Mooncake Box Recycling Competition", which was successfully completed on October 8. All the mooncake boxes collected had been handed over to the environmental protection organisation, "Green@Sha Tin" for recycling. The winner of this competition was Class 1C. Principal Ms. Cheung and Vice-Principal Mr. Tsang presented the prize to class 1C.

20211007 F.6 Interview Talk

We are honored to have invited experienced guests who can share some useful interview tips with our F.6 students during the talk. Common types of questions are also illustrated to help students get well-prepared for their interviews.

20211007 F.1 Chinese Speaking Competition

Congratulations to our winners, who achieve marvelous and remarkable performances in the F.1 Chinese Speaking Competition! Our Chinese Panel has successfully launched this contest in which students actively participate in different sessions. They are given specific topics to read aloud and compete to be the most presentable and outstanding speakers during the sessions.

20211005 School Blood Donation Day 2021

Donating blood can be the simplest way to help people in need or even save their lives. The School Blood Donation Day is successfully held with a number of staff and students participating in different sessions. The blood-taking process is smoothly completed with the help of well-trained medical staff.

20211005 Religious Hymn Sharing

Our School Fellowship shares a hymn with us during the morning assembly. They sing gracefully together. Students also take turns to share bible verses and lead others to pray, promoting greatness of the God.

20211004 COA Debriefing

We are glad to conduct the Career Guidance Programmes for our students and they are highly involved in the debriefing sessions. By doing the personality tests and analyzing the results, students can identify their potential and start to look for ideal occupations.

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