Highlights of the Month (November 2021)

Highlights of the Month (November 2021)

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20211129 Teachers’ Hymn Sharing

Teachers have been practising singing hymns for weeks. Finally, here comes a chance for them to share the hymns with students. We hope students can feel the love and care from their teachers.

2021112425 F6 Adulthood Ceremony

The Adulthood Ceremony is to celebrate F6 students’ growth. In the foot-washing and candle-lighting rituals, the messages of serving others humbly and lighting up their own lives and other lives are passed on to F6 students. May they find their own candles and be others’ candles in the future.

2021112229 Gospel Week

To kick off the Gospel Week, the Student Fellowship makes use of morning time to promote it. Their enthusiasm for the event has touched students and may have lit up their hearts to follow God.

20211122 Junior Form Assembly

Thank Dr Yip for his inspirational sharing. Dr Yip, who is our alumnus, shares with us his feelings and missions being a doctor during the pandemic. His experience has proven the importance of his serving heart and the mighty power of God!

2021111819 Fun Days

COVID-19 may have taken away a lot of students’ valuable time of joining activities together. However, this makes them treasure their class activities even more. On these two fun days, students join various workshops and activities inside and outside school. The range of activities is wide including cloth dying, farming, war game, rock climbing, etc. Students enjoy the fun time together!

20211117 Silver Award in VideoChem Competition

Our students are glad to receive the Silver Award in VideoChem Competition held by the Department of Chemistry of the City University. In their winning video, complicated chemistry concepts are presented in accurate, lively and engaging ways! Congratulations to them!

20211117 Morning Assembly Sharing and Prize Presentation

In the morning assembly, Mr Lau shares with us how he has overcome challenges in learning, developed his passion for science, and his devotion to the God. Besides, taking this opportunity, students’ sports achievements are praised.

20211117 JUPAS Follow-up Talk

The Careers Committee has been assisting students with the JUPAS applications and matters related to further studies. With their guidance and support, students feel more confident and certain about their future.

20211116 F5 Talk on ‘How to deal with fake news’

Fake news is everywhere in the Information Age. How can we deal with fake news? A professional journalist Ms Chan has shown us an insight into this issue and raised students’ awareness of the potential risks involved.

20211116 F5-6 Reminders from Discipline Committee

To facilitate students to learn with technology, a new policy regarding the use of iPad is introduced. The Discipline Committee also takes this opportunity to remind students about the importance of self-discipline and building up a harmonious learning environment together.

20211113 Sha Tin Secondary Schools Expo

In Sha Tin Secondary Schools Expo, we are pleased to let primary school students and their parents understand our school’s missions and practice more. May the students be admitted to a suitable school to meet their needs.

20211112 Form 5 Embracing Failure Activities Day

Failure seems to suggest one’s misfortune and incapacity that should be avoided. However, it is inevitable in life and should be faced positively. In the activity, F5 students have learnt to embrace failure related to different issues including personal matters, study pressure, social life, etc.

20211111 Weekly Assembly: The Spirit of Kendo

In the weekly assembly, Ms Lau and Mr Sze, who are the representatives of Hong Kong Kendo Team, share with our students. They have surmounted many challenges in their sports career, embodying their sportsmanship and perseverance. The students get inspired by their life experience.

20211111 Life Education Book Sharing Activity

During the Life Education Week, our school library organizes a book sharing activity after school. We are pleased to invite Ms. Li Shuk Mei, a renowned Life Education Picture Books Speaker to share some books with our students. Nearly 50 students participate in the activity and they are highly engaged in the book-sharing session. Getting involved in the storytelling session, students can give uplifting and inspirational feedback to each other. It’s a wonderful Life Education experience!

20211105 Form 1 Activity Day

Team spirit is vital for all students, especially for F1 students who should support one another in a new school environment. Team-building games, such as scaffolding and a simple ball game are played to achieve this aim on F1 Activity Day.

20211104 Sai Ying Pun Cultural Tour

To arouse students’ interest in the culture and history of Hong Kong, a group of senior-form students studying in Chinese History join a cultural tour of Sai Ying Pun, where many historical buildings, such as Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Kau Yan Church and Tsan Yuk Hospital are located.

20211103 Inter-school Swimming Championships Day 2

More good news is coming up from our Swimming Team. They excel on the second day of the annual Inter-school Swimming Championships! Their effort pays off! They deserve the prizes.

20211005 Religious Hymn Sharing

Our School Fellowship shares a hymn with us during the morning assembly. They sing gracefully together. Students also take turns to share bible verses and lead others to pray, promoting greatness of the God.

20111109 Our Principal’s Interview on RTHK

Principal Cheung is interviewed by Steven Ma in a radio programme on RTHK. She shares her view on quality education and students’ need with the public.

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