Highlights of the Month (December 2021)

Highlights of the Month (December 2021)

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20211221 Restarting a New Life Without Drugs

The drama features the storyline of how a female drug addict stays away from drugs with the genuine support of her parents, conveying an uplifting message that it is never too late to get rid of drugs and start a new life. Every scene of the drama is impressive and enlightening. Each of us is amazed and inspired by the characters and the dramatic features.

20211221 Prize Presentation for Scientific Competitions

We are pleased to announce that 4B Ng Tsz Yan and 4D To Ting Tung are awarded with prizes in recognition of their brilliant writing literacy in CUHK STEAM@Soybean Writing Competition. Assigned to write an article about the growth journey of soybeans, the students can ideally apply their profound biological knowledge and demonstrate their excellent writing skills in their written tasks. Moreover, two of our students, 6B Chan Kei Chun and 6D Cheung Hei Ching, are given awards in the International Biology Olympiads in recognition of their superb problem-solving skills.

20211217 History Experiential activities

It is such a blessing that two experiential learning activities about Japanese History could be organized in 1st term, 2021. Our Vice Principal Mrs. Wong took the F.5 History group students to visit the Hong Kong Kyudo Association on 16/11 and 17/12/2021. The first visit was a truly experiential activity to let students learn how the Japanese samurai dressed up and how they greeted their seniors. It was hoped that the students could grasp what obedience and loyalty conducted by the Japanese meant. The second one was a lecture shared and presented by Mr. Kwok Chun Wai, who was passionate about Japan and had expertise in Japanese history and Japanese military development. The two activities received big applause from the students. They loved and engaged in the activities, from which they learnt a lot.

Booklet of F5 History Activity

20211217 Living with Drugs – Theme Musical on Prevention of Drugs

“Taking drugs can ruin your life! Stand firm and say no to drugs!” – The messages are well-delivered throughout the musical, featuring how serious the drugs can harm our bodies and minds. Ways of preventing drugs are well-promoted to students in different scenes.

20211215 Appreciation for Student Service on P6 Guidance Day

We would like to thank all the student helpers for contributing their time and effort to the P.6 Guidance Day–We are greatly impressed by their well-trained and well-prepared performances! They are rewarded with souvenirs in appreciation of their hard work.

20211211 P.6 Guidance Day

The P.6 Guidance Day is successfully held with the support of all teachers and student helpers–all the talks, performances, exhibitions and booths are greatly featured in different sessions. Guests are impressed by all the well-scheduled activities and invited to capture our school highlights through exploration and interaction.

20211203 Themed Talk cum School-parent Seminar

Senior form students and their parents are invited to attend the themed talk featuring the ways of managing stress and emotions. Parents are exposed to the source of stress that their children encounter in daily lives so that they can better understand the concept of how stress and emotions can greatly contribute to teenagers. Moreover, our Principal and Vice Principals share the ways with the parents on how senior form students get well-prepared for their university studies during the school-parent seminar.

20211203 F.4 Electives Selection Talk

Transitioning from junior form learning mode to senior form learning style, students may find it struggling to choose their elective subjects. We are glad to have invited guests from Hok Yau Club to give our F.3 students some useful tips on choosing elective subjects. All of them are highly engaged in the talk, and they can greatly benefit from the advice shared in different sessions.

20211201 Law’s Charitable Foundation

We are honored to announce that two of our senior form students are given the Law’s Charitable Foundation in recognition of their excellent and outstanding academic achievements throughout the years of study. Let’s congratulate them on receiving the awards!

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