Highlights of the Month (May 2022)

Highlights of the Month (May 2022)

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20220527 Talk on Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

F.5 History group was very honoured to have invited the History Professor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr. Tam Ka Chai (譚家齊博士) to come to our school on 27th May, 2022 and give a very comprehensive and analytical overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which broke out on 24th February, 2022. All students of F.5 History group were engaged and felt impressed by the talk. Dr. Tam shared about the historical development and the complicated international relationship of the world and let the students realize the complexity of diplomacy in the world. They were also excited to learn that Dr. Tam is the alumnus of STMC and he had been taught History subject by Mrs. C.H. Wong, our Vice Principal when he studied in STMC a long time ago. What a big discovery!

20220526 HKU Guest Visiting

Professor Ms. Helen Chan and the students from Master of Science in Library and Information Management of HKU came to visit STMC library on 26/5/2022. Our Principal Ms. Cheung, Librarian Ms. Leung, Chinese teachers Mr. Mui and Mr. Shek also joined the tour. We showed them our daily library operation and how to organize an activity through reading across the curriculum. Some of our reading ambassadors shared their happy moments at the school library in English. Also, they showed and introduced our school to the guests on the tour. It is such a memorable experience!

20220525 Cyclic Assembly

The use of traditional printing machines disappears in our city and is replaced by computers. Fortunately, some techniques are learnt by local artists and preserved in their artworks. We’re glad to have invited a local artist to share with us this art form.

20220524 Religious Hymn Sharing

Our Vice Principal Ms Wong takes this opportunity to share some beautiful school memories and photographs in the morning assembly. Her sharing inspires us to be grateful for our daily life and surroundings.

20220519 Prize Presentation of Chinese and PTH Panels

Students’ talents are praised in this prize presentation ceremony. These prize winners are pleased to receive their honours from Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Chinese and Putonghua) and Inter-class Chinese Writing Competition.

20220516 Religious Hymn Sharing

In the morning assembly, Ms Fan shares with us her precious memory in secondary school and reminds all teachers and students the importance of rebuilding relationship when we’re back to school.

20220506 Religious Day

Back to school for face-to-face lessons, we all feel blessed although we may feel little unsure about the adaptation to the “real” school-life. Amid the blessing and challenge, we’re reminded that the grace of God is with us on Religious Day.

20220505 F3 DSE Subject Selection Talk

In the talk, senior form students share their experience in choosing and studying some DSE subjects. Their sharing is relevant for F3 students to find out more about their interested subjects for F4-6 studies.

20220504 Religious Hymn Sharing and Flag Raising Ceremony

We’re grateful that the flag-raising ceremony has been held smoothly with the school Flag-raising Team.

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