The Annual Best Prefect Election

The Annual Best Prefect Election

The Annual Best Prefect Election was held in early June. Prefect Leaders have chosen the most outstanding prefect from their teams. The results were released in the Prefect Gathering on 15 June with our Principal, Ms Cheung.

In the gathering, Principal Cheung showed her recognition and appreciation towards the hard work from the Prefect Team. She encouraged the prefects to uphold their outstanding personal qualities and strive to be the models among STMC students.

Apart from the awardees, Principal Cheung and Mr Yeung the Discipline Master gave a note of thanks to the Head Prefect and Vice Head Prefects for their efforts and contributions in this academic year.

The Head Prefect, Vice Head Prefects were given a gift as encouragement. Principal Cheung also bought drinks for the prefects as a token of gratitude. The awardees are as follows:
2A Issac Wong
2A Casper Yeung
2A Jasmine Shum
2B Hurricane Mak
4B Kendrew Fung

20220615 The Annual Best Prefect Election